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Villa Kérylos is a reconstruction worthy of the standard of antiquity.

Mythical villas on the French Riviera: the Villa Kérylos

The Kerylos Villa is one of the most beautiful mansions on the French Riviera. This week, Cap Riviera takes you on a tour of this mythical villa.

Even if most of them have become museums, the villas which made the reputation of the French Riviera attract every year many visitors and those who want to stay in wonder can have a look upon French Riviera villas to be rent or sell, in the website of your devoted luxury real estate agency, Cap Riviera. For now, let’s go to Beaulieu-sur-Mer, and a bit in ancient Greece.


Near the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, of which we wrote a few time ago, takes place the Greek Villa Kérylos, the sea swallow. Not only they are close geographically, but people who made them were linked. The archeologist Théodore Reinach and the architect from Nice Emmanuel Pontremoli cherished the dream of building in an antique style. However, this is Fanny Kann, wife of the first man, who paid nine millions of francs-or, about 36 million euros. As the little cousin of Maurice Ephrussi, she is the link between both emblematic villas.


Between 1902 and 1908, the two men, impassioned of Hellenism, built the Villa Kérylos, taking inspiration of houses of the Délos of 2nd century B.C. It mattered for them not only to reinvent the Greek villa, with its generous proportions and its decoration formed of artisanal furniture made after Antique models, but also to insert harmoniously luxury and comfort from this beginning of 20th century including, for example, ultramodern valves.


Nowadays you can come and visit the Villa Kérylos every day from 10 am to 7 pm, during summer. Eventually, it welcomes the exposition “La naissance de l’écriture sur les rives de la Méditerranée“(birth of writing on the Mediterranean coasts). The building offers many points of interest such as its exteriors, gardens of Greek plants, with a marvelous view on Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, the majestic hall or Thyrôreion, presenting mosaics and statues, the baths or Balaneion all decorated with nymphs, the peristyle with its twelve columns of Carrara marble and its six frescoes, the impressive library made after these of Herculanum. Last, the private apartments, in which you accede via the Hermès hall.

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